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Optara is a free to use platform for HEIs to provide multiple career opportunities for their students from leading employers across India. Optara enables the Training and Placement Officer at an institution to onboard their students onto the platform where students can learn, acquire new skills, create their professional profile and view and apply for most relevant jobs matching their skills and aspirations.


Instantly builds your resume

Facilitates quick job application

Provides priority access to exclusive vacancies

Alerts you with smart notifications

Identifies the options for upskilling

Helps you add skills to advance your career

UGC Keeping a Track
of Student Employability
and Campus Placements

HEIs are expected to provide students with adequate industry experience in order to enhance their skill level, competence, and employability. An Institution's initiative toward the said objective will also simultaneously decide its overall ranking and accreditations.

(UGC Quality Mandate, 2018)


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